Magnetic Bulk- and Nanomaterials


  • prof. dr hab. Czesław Kapusta, full professor
  • dr hab. Janusz Przewoźnik, associate professor
  • dr hab. inż. Damian Rybicki, associate professor
  • dr inż. Jan Michalik, assistant professor
  • dr inż. Sylwia Fiejdasz, assistant professor
  • dr inż. Kamil Goc, assistant professor
  • mgr inż. Andrzej Lemański, teaching assistant

    PhD Students

  • mgr inż. Tomasz Strączek
  • mgr inż. Jakub Jurczyk
  • mgr Elżbieta Gumieniczek-Chłopek
  • mgr Adriana Gilarska
  • mgr inż. Weronika Mazur


    Research Subjects

  • Investigation of dynamics of various magnetic nanoparticles and nanocapsules in relation to their applied properties for: magnetically navigated nanoreactors, biomedicine (MRI, magnetic hyperthermia) and environmental purposes (nanoparticle impregnated
    adsorbents of polluters).
  • Study of individual atomic site properties of novell high temperature superconductors towards understanding of the mechanism of superconductivity and the way of increasing the transition temperature.
  • Investigation of exchange bias effects in the Co/Pd antidot systems and spin dependent transport in the IrMn − Co/P d multilayers.
  • Preparation and characterization of shape memory NiT and alloy micro-foils obtained by pulsed-current sintering
    and bulk doped Ni-Mn-Sn system.
  • Study of focused electron beam-induced deposition process and post-growth purification of nanostructures
    – collaboration with EMPA, Thun.
  • Preparation and study of properties of hydrogels impregnated with magnetic nanoparticles - biomedical applications.


  • Physical Property Measurement System (Quantum Design model, closed circle liquifier) equipped with 9 Tesla magnet, 2-400 K
    (VSM: 2-1100 K) temperature range, options: DC susceptibility, magnetisation, torque magnetometry, AC susceptibility, resistance/magnetoresistance, thermal expansion & magnetostriction, thermal transport & thermoelectric properties, specific heat.
  • NMR spectrometers for proton resonance (15 MHz, 17 MHz) and for magnetic materials, 5-1000 MHz.
  • Mössbauer spectrometers (4), transmission & CEMS, for 6 isotopes.
  • X-ray diffractometer, Siemens D-5000 for measurements in the temperature range 2–500 K.
  • Fritsch Pulverisette high-energy planetary mill suitable for milling in reactive/inert atmospheres or in suspensions.
  • Magnetron sputtering home made set-up, suitable for sputtering on flat surfaces and on powders or nanopowders.

    International collaborations

  • Aragonian Institute of Nanoscience, University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain
  • EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Thun, Switzerland
  • Belarussian State University and Institute of High Energy Physics, Minsk, Belarus
  • University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
  • Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA

Selected recent papers

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