Quantum Effects in Nanostructures


  • 1. prof. dr hab. inż. Marek Przybylski
  • 2. dr inż. Maciej Chrobak

    PhD Students

  • 1. mgr inż. Kamil Nowak
  • 2. mgr inż. Jakub Pawlak
  • 3. mgr inż. Łukasz Jarosiński

    Research Subjects:

  • 1. Quantum oscillations in 3D topological insulators and Weyl semimetalss.
  • 2. Electronic transport and Hall effect measurements of nanowires and nanostructures in mK temperatures.
  • 3. Surface structure characterization with a special emphasis on 3D topological insulators.
  • 4. Quantum Well States in magnetic thin films.
  • 5. Magnetic size effects in nanomaterials.


    In cooperation with Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology AGH we conduct our research activities with the use of:

  • VT-STM UHV microscope with preparation chamber (link)
  • Triton dilution refrigerator with Nanonis Tramea measuring system (link)