Atomic and Molecular Biospectroscopy Group

  • The scientific activity of the Atomic and Molecular Biospectroscopy Group is focused on the applications of the advanced spectroscopic methods in investigation of elemental (XRF microscopy, TXRF spectroscopy) and biochemical changes (FTIR and Raman microspectroscopy) occurring in cells, tissues and organs, as a result of physiological and pathological processes of different ethology. The conducted research concerns, among others, processes underlying seizure activity in different animal models of epilepsy, assessment of the neuroprotective/antiepileptic mechanisms of ketogenic diet action, determination of the biomolecular markers of glioblastoma multiforme development in brain tissue and finally the potential toxicity of the iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles (commercial available and dedicated) both under in vivo and in vitro conditions.