Research activities

The research activities of the Department are both theoretical (mathematical modeling) and experimental.

The main topics are the following:

  • biomedical application of Moessbauer spectroscopy,
  • radiation transport and energy deposition in biological matter,
  • non-invasive methods of medical diagnosis,
  • dosimetry of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation,
  • absorption and reflection of UV-VIS-IR radiation,
  • computer simulation of optical radiation propagation in biomedical systems,
  • computer simulation of biological processes,
  • spectrofluorymetry and bioluminescence study,
  • MR imaging for medical diagnostic purposes,
  • investigation of the role of trace and essential elements in human neurodegenerative diseases with the use micro-beam X-ray spectrometric techniques,
  • chemical composition analysis of human body fluids in support to medical diagnostics,
  • application of infrared spectroscopy for characterization of biomedical tissue samples,
  • developments and applications of X-ray fluorescence technique for assessment and monitoring of environmental pollution,

The research is conducted in close cooperation with Department of Environmental Physics,  Department of Applied Computer Science, Department of Particle Interactions and Detection Techniques of the Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science as well as with medical centers and other institutions in Poland and abroad.

<<Former>> Molecular Biophysics and Bioenergetics Group research activities:

  • mechanism of oxygen liberation by photosystem II,
  • protection mechanisms  in photosynthetic membranes exposed to external stress factors,
  • physical/chemical and dynamic properties of natural and artificial protein-lipid systems,