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Scientific activity of the Group of Elementary Particles Physics Group

  • Investigation of e+e- interactions at 100 GeV x 100 GeV in the DELPHI experiment at LEP (CERN)
  • Investigation of e-p interactions at 27.5 GeV x 820 GeV in the ZEUS experiment at HERA (DESY)
  • Investigation of p-p interactions at 7.7 TeV x 7.7 TeV in the ATLAS experiment in preparation at LHC (CERN)
  • Precise measurement of CP violation and rare decays in the LHCb in preparation at LHC (CERN)
  • Participation in the TESLA project - preparation of experiments at the future linac DESY
  • Participation in the ICARUS experiment - long base neutrino detector in Gran Sasso(Italy)
  • Design, construction and maintenance of the Luminosity Monitor for the ZEUS experiment at the upgraded HERA
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