Transport in Krakow

Public transport in Krakow

  • There are 184 bus and tram lines in Krakow. In details:
    • 24 daily tram lines (identified by one- and two-digit numbers lower than 60) and 3 night tram lines (identified as 6x)
    • 72 daily city bus lines (identified as 1xx or 4xx), 5 rapid daily city bus lines (identified as 5xx), and 11 night city bus lines (identified as 6xx)
    • 63 daily agglomeration bus lines (identified as 2xx), 2 rapid daily agglomeration bus lines (identified as 3xx), and 4 night agglomeration bus lines (identified as 9xx)
  • The regular fare is 3.80 PLN (40 minutes trip with unlimited number of changes or direct trip (without changes) with no time limits).
    Ticket offer is much wider, including 20, 60 and 90 minutes trip tickets (with unlimited number of changes), 24, 48 and 72 hour tickets (for unlimited number of trips and changes), 7 days ticket, and a group ticket (up to 20 persons) for direct trip.
    The complete ticket tarrif can be found in Ticket Tariff of Municipal Transport Services in Krakow.
  • The tickets can be purchased in:
    • local kiosks
    • ticket machines at bus or tram stops (in the city centre they can be found at almost all the bus stops; the machines take both banknotes and most coins. Most of the machines at stops accepts also credit cards),
    • on buses and trams in ticket machines (available in the new tram or bus models; they take coins only) or with a driver (you must be sure to hand in the correct change and additional charge is added onto the regular price of the ticket).
  • Ticket must be validated after boarding the bus or tram. The time tickets should be validated only once, at the beginning of the trip.
  • The fare inside City Zone is the same for all lines (tram, bus, city and agglomeration lines, normal and rapid lines, daily and night lines). The ticket prices for this Zone are marked in blue in Ticket Tariff.
  • The agglomeration bus lines extends beyond City Zone. The border between zones is marked on line stop list as "GRANICA TARYF". If your trip reaches the stop located outside City Zone (or is completely outside the City Zone), you have to buy the Agglomeration Zone ticket (marked in green in Ticket Tariff).
    The Krakow Airport stop is located outside City Zone. The Agglomeration Zone ticket (regular fare 4.00 PLN) is required for trip to the airport.
  • You can plan your trip using Krakow route planner.
  • Detailed information about public transport in Krakow can be found on the Municipal Transport Services in Krakow website.

Private car in Krakow

  • Most of the city centre is the paid parking zone. You must pay for parking from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 8 pm (10:00-20:00) using parking meters. Most of the parking meters accepts only coins, only a small amount of them allows you to use your credit card. A map of paid parking zone can be found here. Interactive map is available on the bottom of website (website itself is available in Polish only).
  • Fees for the successive hours of parking in the zone are:
    • for the first hour - 3.00 PLN
    • for the second hour - 3.50 PLN
    • for the third hour - 4.10 PLN
    • for the fourth and next hours - 3.00 PLN
    The minimal fee is 1.00 PLN and it allows to park for 20 minutes.
  • Fees for the public access subscriptions (fully paid), available in the online shop eAbonamenty (only in Polish) (only after providing the registration number of the vehicle), or in the Paid Parking Zone Office (to a bearer or for an indicated registration number of the vehicle):
    • one day - 25.00 PLN
    • weekly (for the successive 5 weekdays) - 125.00 PLN
    The Paid Parking Zone Office is located at Reymonta St. 20, (in the City Stadium, entrance from H. Reyman St. (Jordan Park)), 30-059 Krakow (around 5 minutes walk from Conference Venue). The office is open on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm (8:00-18:00).
  • Additionally there are numerous paid parking lots located in many places in the city center. The prices in general are usually higher comparing to the paid parking zone, to the exclusion of Municipal Infrastructure Company parking lots (nearest to the Conference Venue is the parking lot "Car park near Museum") where prices are very similar to the paid parking zone.
  • Old Town is almost completely closed to private traffic. The zone borders (red line) can be seen here.
    Cars of the hotel guests are allowed under a specific conditions. If your hotel is located in the zone closed to the traffic, please contact your hotel service for detailed informations.