Biomedical Imaging and Modeling Group

The laboratory of ionizing radiation

  • TLD reader RA-97
  • TLD reader RA-04
  • TLDO oven for heating TLD detectors
  • Laboratory set with the Lucas chamber for measuring radon
  • ATOMLAB medical spectrometer for measurements of the radioactive elements content in biological samples and assessment of thyroid uptake
  • DeskCat educational optical tomograph
  • Set of phantoms dedicated for imaging (dynamic and static heart phantom) and dosimetry (dosimetry phantom)
  • NARDA SRM 3006 for measurements of selected magnetic and electric fields parameters for the evaluation of exposure to non-ionizing radiation
  • Homogeneous light source in the 250nm-2200nm range with a spectroradiometer working at the 250-900 nm range, enabling measurements in accordance with NIST standards
  • OPTEL ultrasonic measurement set.

The laboratory of nonionizing radiation

  • Jasco V-550 spectrophotometer (for general purpose)
  • Perkin-Elmer LS50B spectrofluorometer (for general purpose)
  • CPI-505 laboratory pH / iono-meter with a set of electrodes (for general purpose)
  • Two optical microscopes Delta Optical (Genetic Trino, Evolution 100) equipped with electronic cameras for computer image recording (for general use)
  • Ohaus laboratory scale.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory

  • “Cirrus 0.2T Open” magnetic resonance imaging system for imaging large biological objects with easy access to the field of view
  • “Terranova MRI” magnetic resonance imaging system for magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy in the terrestrial magnetic field
  • PS-15 nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer designed for rapid tests, in particular for measurements of relaxation times.

The laboratory of industrial radiometry

  • Nicolet iN10 MX microscope and spectrometer for the imaging in the medium infrared range

The laboratory of mössbauer spectroscopy

  • Four mössbauer spectrometers enabling collection of the mössbauer spectra of 57Fe and 119Sn nuclei in 4 – 1000 K temperature range, 7 T external magnetic field and measurement configuration along and across the magnetic field
  • Oven for thermal treatment of samples under vacuum conditions (temperature range up to 1000 °C) and in protective atmosphere (temperature range up to 1700 °C) with the samples hardening option
  • Apparatus for performing (cutting, embedding, polishing) metallographic sections of samples.